By Subterranean Dwellers (other events)

Fri, Mar 25 2022 1:00 PM PDT Sun, Mar 27 2022 10:30 PM PDT

Welcome to Xibalba 2022 by Subterranean Dwellers!

When the Xibalba gods start flowing through your body & the bass of the subwoofer crawls up your spine, until it tickles your brain and all you can do is smile, dance, or spin in a circle you will understand why you set foot on this dance-floor.
Beings from all walks of life and out of this world will move as one & together we are able to expand consciousness, express our innermost emotions, uplift & nourish, not only ourselves, but also our brothers & sisters on the dance-floor. Under the beam of the moon and the warmth of the sun we will take part in this journey!

Xibalba came to life in 2016 in the city of Los Angeles where the Underground is life. Xibalba represented a shift in Subterranean Dwellers vision and as a result a transformation swept the Southern California region. This March we celebrate 6 years of Xibalba and the darker realms within the Psychedelia! 

Expect two stages with non-stop music. The Labyrinth will predominantly supply Psytrance within its spectrum of eclectic sounds. The Sacred Portal stage will be curated with Techno, House, DnB, and more! Ultimately, creating one atmosphere and one vibe under the Milky Way sky!

What does Xibalba mean? 
Xibalba (Shee-bal-ba) was the name the K'iche Maya gave to the underworld. For the Yucatec Maya the underworld was known as Metnal. The name Xibalba translates as 'Place of Fright', which indicates the terror the place had in the Maya imagination. The maya believed the underworld played an important role in the universe as it created balance. Meaning the humans who were killed by the Xibalba gods were people who in their eyes were judged by the wrong doings on Earth. Here's a quick explanation on Youtube. 

Ticket Phases 
Early Bird Ticket - $75 (Limited)
2nd Phase Ticket - $85 (Limited)
3rd Phase Ticket - $100 (Limited)
At the Door - TBD * 

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