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Fri, Mar 24 2023 7:00 PM PDT Sun, Mar 26 2023 7:00 PM PDT

Welcome to Xibalba!!

Camping Festival
Location: 2hrs from Los Angeles
Date: March 24th-26th!
Ticket Link:


The Xibalba gods will flow through your body & the bass of the subwoofer will craw up your spine. It will begin to tickle your brain and all you can do is smile, dance, and spin in a circle while you stare at the Milky Way Sky. These are the moments we hold dear in our memory banks, this is Xibalba by Subterranean Dwellers.

Beings from all walks of life and out of this world will move as one & together we are able to expand consciousness, express our innermost emotions, uplift & nourish, not only ourselves, but also our brothers & sisters on the dance-floor. Under the beam of the moon and the warmth of the sun we will take part in this journey!

Xibalba came to life in 2016 in the city of Los Angeles where the Underground is life. Xibalba represents a shift in the Subterranean Dwellers vision and as a result a transformation swept the Southern California region. This March we celebrate 7 years of Xibalba and the darker realms within the Psychedelia! We are proud to announce we will be hosting The Parvatian's for a Parvati Night at Xibalba Festival!

Expect two stages with non-stop music. The Labyrinth Stage will supply Psytrance within its spectrum of eclectic sub-genres. The Sacred Portal Stage will be curated with Techno, House, DnB, and more! Ultimately, creating one atmosphere and one vibe under the Milky Way sky!

What does Xibalba mean?
Xibalba (Shee-bal-ba) was the name the K'iche Maya gave to the underworld. For the Yucatec Maya the underworld was known as Metnal. The name Xibalba translates as 'Place of Fright', which indicates the terror the place had in the Maya imagination. The maya believed the underworld played an important role in the universe as it created balance. Meaning the humans who were killed by the Xibalba gods were people who in their eyes were judged by the wrong doings on Earth. Here's a quick explanation on Youtube.

Ticketing Prices

Early Bird Ticket - SOLD OUT
2nd Phase Ticket - SOLD OUT
3rd Phase Ticket - SOLD OUT
Final Online Ticket - $155
At the door - $TBD

Car/Truck Parking Pass - $25
RV Parking Pass - $75

No Hook Up Trailers Allowed

We are also accepting Venmo & Zelle transactions. Please email us directly for instructions. Every vehicle only requires one car pass.

[email protected]

Attention Aliens,

Please be aware there’s going to be people trying to sell their ticket(s). To guarantee you’re not being scammed by the relentless fb scammers. Take the next steps while buying a ticket outside this website.

1. Ask the ticket holder to provide the name under the ticket it was bought and then email us with the information they provided.

2. Email us with the Subject line: “Ticket Transfer”

3. Once we’ve cleared up the name, you should then transfer the funds to the person selling the ticket.

4. Last date to transfer tickets 3.20.2023

Attention Vendors

If you would like to vend, please send us an email at

[email protected]

Our vendor village has limited space so act fast to secure your spot!

★ Land & Weather Conditions ★

We advise you to bring plenty of water, tp, and camping gear for your journey. The location is in rugged terrain, but manageable to drive through. The weather conditions around this time of year range from 50 – 80 degrees, however, climate is unpredictable in these areas. Please keep in mind the venue does provide fresh groundwater, but it's always good to prepare.


We ask everyone to please take trash bags for this LEAVE NO TRACE event. This means you pickup your own trash and you take it with you! 


Community Fire Only

(Please bring wood for community fire)
No open fires on the campsites
Grilling is okay!

Sound: Starseed Sound System
Deco & Visual Projection: Cubensis
Shade: Global Ascension
Fire Performers: Psych Variations & Cosmic Nymph

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